Iron Man 3: What Do Women Really Want? The Man or…The Machine?

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Iron Man 3: The “Upgrade Yourself” Review Series (Part One)

Iron Man 3: What do women really want? The Man or…The Machine?

As Iron Man 3 blasts into theaters, the probing question of “What can men really learn about life from watching big action movies?” is raised. This is a question that often pops into the minds of male action movie fans all over the world. Surprisingly, upon closer examination, there are actually several important life lessons that the summer blockbuster, Iron Man movies can teach men about what they can do to “upgrade” themselves.

For instance, if there’s one area wherein men are always looking to improve themselves, it’s in the area of finding out new ways to attract the kind of women that they really want. Now, after experiencing yet another action-packed, explosive adventure of everyone’s favorite cocky, billionaire superhero armed with expensive, high-tech toys, quite a few men have left the theaters with only one, paranoid dating and relationship question:

What do women really want? The Man or his Machine?

That’s right. The recurring question of whether or not women are more attracted to a man for “who he is” as opposed to “what he’s got”, once again demands to be answered.

However, before that particular question can be addressed, for the sake of those few, moviegoers out there who don’t know, the question of just who exactly is Iron Man needs to be answered first.   

Iron Man is a superhero who wears a technologically advanced, battle suit in order to right the wrongs of the world. Underneath the metal armor is a man—the genius, billionaire, industrial engineer who invented him—Tony Stark. For many single guys who are fans of the comics and movies, to live a day in the life of a rich playboy like Tony Stark would be a dream come true. Many men think that nothing could be better for a single man to have than lots of money, successful businesses, a parking lot full of cars, and a plethora of high-tech toys to play with?

A lot of financially well-endowed men believe that just because a woman likes their money that automatically means that she likes them too. However, sadly, this is often not the case. Men who have willingly downloaded this mental programming, though they may be Captains of Industry when it comes to business—they’re nothing but Soldiers of Misfortune when it comes to dating and relationships.

Time and time again, guys who fail to correctly identify why a particular woman is really interested in them set themselves up for potential disillusionment or disappointment in the future. Divorce courts, mental hospitals, and sadly—even some cemeteries are filled with men who have been financially, mentally, emotionally, and even physically devastated by the shocking revelation that the woman they were with “didn’t love them like they thought she did”.

Proud and/or naïve men who suffer this fate are usually operating from a self-delusion that originates from a lack of understanding of the differences between a Man and his Machine. To correct this glitch in their mental programming, a definition of the two terms is in order.

The Man

A Man, of course, can simply be defined as who that man is as a male person—his inner qualities. The intangible essence of all the things that make him the person he is. His intelligence, his core beliefs, his points of view, his character, his hopes and dreams and all the other things that make him a true individual.

The Machine

A Machine can be defined as a tool, a device, or an apparatus that consists of interconnected parts with separate functions—a mechanism. A Machine is a construct, created to accomplish some kind of task or to do some type of work.

So how are a Man and his Machine related? A Man’s Machine is defined as anything that a man has invented or uses to either accomplish his goals or to transmit who he is inside to the world outside and all around him. A Man’s Machine is anything that a man uses as an extension of himself to make his life or the lives of other people easier, newer, or more improved. With this definition, it should be easy to see how a man’s money, his job, his status, his possessions, and so many other things all qualify as his “Machine”.

However, a man builds his machinery in ways and areas that are not limited to just what you can detect with your five senses. Make no mistake—a man’s systems of surviving life’s fiery trials, his methods of managing moral dilemmas, and his processes of perpetually improving himself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually all qualify as his “Machine” as well. Why? That’s because these examples too represent systems that he uses as a means to an end. In this way, it can be clearly seen that both the Man and his Machine are important to his success in life—and to his success with women.

So what’s the answer to the question?

What do women really want? The Man or his Machine?

The simple answer is…the want both. Both are important, because who you are and what you do with your life—what you produce in your life is an extension of who you are. However, the more sophisticated answer is that it really depends on the likes, dislikes, and core values of the woman. Every woman has a list of things that she requires before she considers entering into a relationship, and depending upon how she ranks her list, you may or may not be able to really connect with her. However, more important than how any given woman values you is how you value yourself.

As a man, before you get too deeply involved in any romantic relationship, you should always ask yourself:

Why do I want this woman and why does this woman want me?

Whatever the answers are to these questions will tell you everything you need to know to help better clarify your motivations and the motivations of the women who come into your life. Sometimes relationships form organically, but relationships only continue to exist due to the mostly unspoken, mutual agreement between the two people that they are satisfied that their needs are being met. Everyone has a Relationship Agenda, the key to successfully getting your needs met is to make sure that you’re with someone who has the same agenda as you do, or at least an agenda that’s complementary to yours.

In order for any relationship to run smoothly, the inner-workings—the circuitry of compatibility is created by how efficiently the two people involve work together to meet each other’s needs and desires. 

Though a man is indeed autonomous, what he does with his life does impact the world around him and it factors into how the people (women) in his world see him. However, the good news is that every man and every woman have different mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual relationship needs and desires. It’s these differences in women, differences in men, and differences in agendas that makes it possible for everyone to meet someone compatible—and spark a connection so strong and powerful that it could last a lifetime.

The Hardcore Truth

As a man, you should always be in the process of “upgrading yourself” in all areas of your life. This is the difference between not just being a male—but being a man. This is the difference between being not just a human being—but a human doing. Consistently committing to the process of upgrading yourself is not something you should do to merely increase your value to random women. That’s just a beneficial byproduct.

Your commitment to continue to upgrade yourself is something that you should do first and foremost…for yourself.

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