Mission #10 – Objective: What is…The PHOENIX CHICK???

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On this Mission

What is the “Phoenix Chick”?

Is she just the stuff of legend?

Is she a Myth?

Or…is she a real, flesh and blood woman that can fly into your life at any moment—–when you LEAST expect it?

  • What does a good man do when there’s a scarcity of worthwhile women?
  • As far as dating and relationships go, what’s better———making the same old mistakes or making brand new ones?
  • What can the late comedian, Sam Kinison, in a scene from “Back To School”, teach you about how NOT to ask women questions on a date?

Sam Kinison in BACK TO SCHOOL!

  • What role does society, pop culture, past relationships, and her maturity level play in how a woman sees YOU?
  • What is the Value Recognition Factor? And how does it effect your Dates and Relationships?
  • What can an old Sgt. Rock comic book teach you about the IMPORTANCE of maintaining the right outlook on meeting women?
  • What are the 3 things that you can do to boost your success rate at finding the kind of women you want?


PLUS: Introducing the very first REMIX of the Victory Unlimited Show theme song Intro!

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One Response to Mission #10 – Objective: What is…The PHOENIX CHICK???

  1. Mike says:

    Larry, this was a great question…and I liked how VU handled this.

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