Mission #11- Objective: Is Halle Berry CRAZY? Or is it the guys? What “is” The Halle Berry Syndrome?

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On this Mission

Are GOOD LOOKS all that you look for when it comes to the women that you choose to date?

  • What’s the best strategy to use to get back a girl when she’s started acting distant towards you?
  • What can Celebrity News items teach you about dating, relationships, and life strategies?
  • What is the Halo Effect?
  • What is the Halle Berry Syndrome?
  • Who suffers more from Halle Berry Syndrome——-men OR WOMEN???
  • Why is it that SOMETIMES the more attractive the woman, the more drama she tends to bring into your life?
  • What’s the biggest mental mistake guys make when they set their sites on explosively attractive women (Bomb Level Babes)?
  • How do you inoculate yourself against coming down with Halle Berry Syndrome?
  • What does The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Halle Berry Syndrome have in common?

Devil In Disguise (Elvis!)

Portrait of Dorian Gray (Latest Remake Trailer)

Sins of Dorian Gray (Scenes from the Female Version)

The Portrait of Dorian Gray (My favorite, and arguably the BEST version ever! Starring Hurd Hatfield)

All this AND MORE!


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War Room Comments

3 Responses to Mission #11- Objective: Is Halle Berry CRAZY? Or is it the guys? What “is” The Halle Berry Syndrome?

  1. MatthewP123 says:

    Another great show! I’ve had Halle Berry Syndrome for almost 20 years, man. But before that, I had Pamela Anderson Syndrome. Then I developed Kim Kardashian Syndrome about 2 years ago. I guess it doesn’t really matter what the name of the girl is because that damn syndrome is always the same! Lol

  2. T-MAX says:

    Hey V.U., I think if most of us guys could just look past a pretty face or a sexy body for half a minute, we’d all make better choices in women. Oh, and hey—–I I’m dating a woman named Dorian right now. Good think she’s not psychotic like the chick in the movie though.

  3. @Matthew:
    Good observation! Yes, I’ve found that “the syndrome” can show up in many female “forms”, and just like a virus, it can attach itself to ANY guy who finds that particular female’s “form” particularly attractive. I’m pretty sure that some guys back in the fifties had Marilyn Monroe Syndrome, guys in the sixties had Raquel Welch Syndrome, and guys in the seventies had Pam Grier Syndrome…

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