Mission #12 – Objective: How to take your BEST SHOT at getting dates with Waitresses, Hostesses, and the beautiful girls BEHIND the Bar!

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On this Mission


  • Why is it so hard to make moves on attractive women who work jobs that exploit their attractiveness?
  • What are the two best ways to get dates with Female Bartenders, Waitresses, Hostesses, etc.?
  • What does the old song “All About the Benjamins” have to do with dating women who work for tips?
  • What’s the first thing that runs through the mind of women who work for tips the first time they meet you?
  • What gives guys like Orlando Bloom, Shemar Moore, or even a kid like Justin Bieber the edge over most other guys when it comes to attracting Female Bartenders, Waitresses, and Hostesses?
  • What’s the worst place to approach a female bartender, and what’s the best place?

Find out all this and more as you listen to V.U. give YOU step-by-step instructions on the BOLDEST way to attract Female Bartenders, Waitresses, and Hostesses!

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