Mission #13 – Objective: The Backtrack Girl Effect! The REAL reason why guys keep trying to get back with the same WRONG women!

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On this Mission

What makes BAD old girlfriends suddenly start “looking good” again to guys who “used to” date them?

  • Why do guys put girls up on pedestals who have already proven once before that they ARE NOT worthy of being in that position?
  • What can Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Movies teach YOU about why it’s easy to fall back into relationships with old girlfriends?
  • What is “Relationship Muscle Memory”?
  • What happens to wannabe “players” when they finally meet that ONE woman who outplays them?
  • What do you do when you’re fresh out of a relationship with the LAST woman and still have yet to meet the NEXT one?
  • What is that overrides a man’s better judgment and makes him reach backwards to WRONG women from his past time and time again?
  • Why is is “Time” unable to heal the wounds of some guys who’ve acted like heels to certain girls they used to date?
  • Find out the answers to all this—AND MORE, on today’s show!

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