Mission #23 – Objective: The Fast Car, the Slow Guy, and the Shy Girl with the Dangerous Curves!

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On this Mission:

  • Can a woman be SO physically attractive that she blinds you to everything else about her?
  • Why is it that thinking that a woman is out of your league the first step toward dating and relationship self-sabotage?
  • Why is it almost “never” a good idea to accept vague invitations to nightclubs, parties, or other social events from women you just met?
  • Which is more powerful——what you say or what you do?
  • Is it true that many actresses have dual personalities? And if so, how does that influence the way they act towards men that they’re NOT interested in?
  • What is the slowest way that a man can kill attraction and get himself thrown into the Friend Zone?
  • What makes women decide to either put you in the “friend” category or the “lover” category?
  • What is the hidden danger of jumping to the conclusion that a woman is just as attracted to you as you are to her——–when you don’t have any REAL evidence to prove it?
  • What is “The Spotlight Maneuver”? And how can it be used against you to make you chase even harder after someone you’re already attracted to?
  • What can the famous sports analyst, “Bob Costas” teach you about how NOT to approach dating?
  • What happens when dating advice you get from good friends——–goes wrong?
  • And…what happens when a crank caller to the Victory Unlimited Show gets ”Taken”???

Enjoy the Show!

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Photo by Frank Kovalcheck

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