Mission #24 – Objective: The Top Twelve New Year’s Resolutions That Every Man Should Make!

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A Special Mission for the New Year


As one year ends and another begins, many of you “allies” of the Victory Unlimited Show have been writing in and calling in to ask for recommendations on what your plans “should be” for the New Year, and what our plans will be for the Victory Unlimited Show in the New Year.

In response to what our recommendations are for how you should approach the New Year, we have just released this current broadcast entitled “The Top Twelve New Year’s Resolutions That Every Man Should Make”. On this show, V.U. gives you your marching orders by going into detail on why this year needs to be the LAST year that you ever make any New Year’s Resolutions.

Instead, he challenges people everywhere to start a revolution in the way they think——to dare to change the way they approach the idea of “changing their lives” in general.


Yes, “shocking”, we know. However, once you’ve heard the show, you will know in detail, and be able to discuss at length, the merits of the twelve missions that are outlined below.

The Top Twelve Missions that you MUST accomplish in the New Year:
1.    The Spirituality Mission
2.    The Forgiveness Mission
3.    The Healthy Life Mission
4.    The Forgetfulness Mission
5.    The Intelligence Mission
6.    The Brotherhood Mission
7.    The Find-a-Mentor Mission
8.    The Negativity Escape Mission
9.    The Alternative Income Mission
10.  The New Relationship Mission
11.  The Life Enjoyment Mission
12.  The “No More New Year’s Resolutions” Mission


The Future of the Victory Unlimited Show:

Now, in response to what the plans are for the Victory Unlimited Show in the New Year, well…of course the plan remains the same as it always has been from the very beginning——WORLD DOMINATION!

Just kidding…or are we?

Seriously though, the Soldier for “Higher” known only as “Victory Unlimited” plans to keep doing the show for as long as he believes that it’s actually helping people, and as long as he can continue to amuse himself in the process.

In other words, Victory Unlimited has just re-enlisted for another year!

Thanks to everyone who has visited this site, listened to this show, and invested in the Battle Plan. And thanks to everyone who has seen fit to encourage Victory Unlimited on this mission via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The Mission Continues…

In the coming year:

  • Expect more dating and relationship themed shows.
  • Expect more Command Posts about Life Strategies.
  • Expect more Letters to Headquarters.
  • Expect more “celebrity” guest stars.
  • And expect more surprises.

In the meantime…watch the skies, troops. Watch the skies…

Much Peace, Respect, and Success to you in the New Year!

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