Mission #25 – Objective: Red Tails: 5 Life Lessons That The Tuskegee Airmen Movie Can Teach You!

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As Red Tails, the first, big budget, war movie about the adventures of the heroic, Tuskegee Airmen flies onto the big screen, it leaves more than a history lesson in it’s vapor trails——-it leaves hidden messages of how to achieve success. On the surface, Red Tails is just a big, loud, entertaining action movie about World War II fighter pilots, but by the time the movie ends and the credits roll, you become aware that it’s actually so much more.

Amidst the dizzying special effects lie strategies for keeping your self-respect while striving for success, in between the aerial dogfights there are directions on how you can use your determination to accomplish your goals, and underneath the rousing wartime speeches are hidden messages that outline the “exact” roadmap that should be followed to achieve great things!

What are these secret strategies, life lessons, and hidden messages? Here’s a brief description of each:

1) You always have greater potential inside of you than others can usually see. The Airmen never put limitations on what they could or couldn’t do. As a group, they recognized that accomplishing their goals in life depended more on how they saw themselves, as opposed to focusing only on how others saw them.

2) Time spent in preparation is never time wasted. The Airmen trained much longer than most other pilots in their era did. They used the time they spent waiting in the wings to hone skills that served them well when their moment of opportunity arose.

3) If you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready. The Airmen held themselves to such a high standard of discipline and competence that they were confident and prepared when their time to shine finally arrived.

4) Courageous convictions can drive your dreams into existence. The Airmen had a strong belief in their abilities and a powerful passion for their cause. They had a boldness that would not be satisfied with anything short of accomplishing their mission.

5) There are no charges that can be successfully brought against excellence. The Airmen were so good at what they did that their quality of performance spoke louder in their defense than anything that their critics could ever speak against them.

Listen to today’s show and learn MORE about the 5 Life Lessons that the Red Tails movie can teach you!

Also on today’s show you will be briefed on:

  • Why are the messages within movies often MORE important than the movies themselves?
  • What are the 4 Deadly “isms” that are consistently used as weapons to stop you from achieving your goals in life?
  • What represents the anti-success, “Axis of Evil”? And how do they work against you becoming successful?
  • Who is “They”? And what strategies do “they” use to try to keep you down, depressed, and defeated in life?
  • What are the consequences of you NOT stepping up, standing up, or “manning up” to go after what you really want?
  • Why is “Self-Respect” so critically important when it comes to smashing through all the barriers than stand in the way of you and what you want out of life?
  • Recommendation: For more Intel on the Tuskegee Airmen, watch The Red Tailed Angels by the Pare Lorentz Film Center.



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3 Responses to Mission #25 – Objective: Red Tails: 5 Life Lessons That The Tuskegee Airmen Movie Can Teach You!

  1. Reg0007 says:

    This is a powerful show! I just found out about it from a press release. I liked Red Tails too. It was easy to get caught up in all the flash and miss all the hidden POSITIVE messages in the movie. Thanks for pointing them out to us, V.U.. You got yourself another “soldier” in your army over on Facebook, my man. Great show! Keep them coming.

  2. MissCrenshaw says:

    I took my family to see this movie. And my great grandfather was one of the Tuskegee Airmen. He passed away some years ago, but I know he would have been glad to have seen this movie made. Your show was as rousing as the movie!

  3. @Everyone –

    Thanks people. The “mission” to establish a firm footing over on Facebook has really been picking up lately. Thanks for “Liking” the page and spreading the positivity message. The Mission Continues…

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