Mission #26 – Objective: Six Ways to know if you are a SUCKER for a Bad Relationship!

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On this Mission

Missed Opportunities!

  • What’s the difference between a target of opportunity and a missed opportunity?
  • Is there ever a good reason to “pretend” to be a woman’s friend in order to get a chance to date her later?
  • What are the four reasons why faking friendships with women that you secretly want to date tend to backfire?
  • What happens when you wait TOO LONG before you take a serious shot at asking out your friendly, neighborhood waitress?


Nightclub Success…Hit or Miss?

  • Are you tired of your friends dragging you to nightclubs?
  • What are the biggest enemies to succeeding with women at nightclubs?
  • How do you make the best impression on women at the club?
  • To attract the most women, what kind of attitude should you have the moment you set foot inside the club?
  • What is a nightclub entourage and how can having one make you stand out more than the average guy?


Are you a sucker for a BAD relationship?

There are SIX ways guys get sucked into bad relationships, but there’s only ONE way for them to escape. So get your pencil and paper out and take good notes. Victory Unlimited is about to brief you on everything you need to know!


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5 Responses to Mission #26 – Objective: Six Ways to know if you are a SUCKER for a Bad Relationship!

  1. Crash Test Johnny says:

    Wow! This show is the “business”! I love how you use old TV show parodies and song references to make your points, dude. Found out about this show through Tariq Elite. Never heard of it before. Lot’s of good knowledge you’re droppin’ over here, V.U.

    Keep it coming.

  2. Shelly728 says:

    Good stuff, Victory! On the real, I know quite a few guys who pretend to be a girl’s friend just to get in. But the funny thing is that they NEVER end up getting it in. Just like you said.

  3. Thanks Troops! I appreciate the show of support.

    And @ Shelly728:

    Yeah, guys need to realize that women don’t want “pretenders”, they want “contenders”. Any guy whose actually “in it to win it” won’t waste a whole lot of time being fake with women. Playing the fake friend role won’t win these guys nothing but Oscars…maybe.

  4. Ronald3378 says:

    Just found out about your show from a link somebody put in the comments section on another site. Listened to this show just in time, because I was seeing “Sucker” written all over me in my current situation. Haven’t really heard anybody make points exactly the way you do before, bro’. I’m gonna spread the word…

  5. Thanks Ronald3378. I’m glad you were able to get some “Actionable Intel” from the information that we’ve disseminated. TRANSLATION: “We’re glad you liked the show.”

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