Mission #27 – Objective: How a Player can get captured by the Game!

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On this Mission

Can a “Player” get captured by the “Game”?

  • What do players and hunters have in common?
  • Is there an upside to announcing the kind of relationship you want with someone early on?
  • What can make a woman cutoff all contact with you———even when things are going well?
  • What are the three categories of dating, and how do you know which category you’re currently in?
  • How do you know when it’s the right time for you and the person you’re dating to have “The Conversation”?
  • Who are really the best players——–Men or Women?


SHE’S not that into you…

  • Is there really such a thing as a truly equal relationship?
  • What’s the real reason why you see so many relationships where one person is working harder to keep it together than the other?
  • How long should you stay in a one-sided relationship?
  • What’s a MAJOR cause of all the time management, communication, and sexual attraction problems in most relationships?
  • There’s a new prescription drug on the market called “Not-that-into-ya”. It’s designed to soothe the symptoms of romantic loneliness, but be careful——because it’s got a lot of bad side-effects! Should you take it? Or have you taken it already?

Find out about all this and MORE on today’s show!


At the beginning of today’s show, listen to a special, closed-door, Victory Unlimited Show news conference. It’s broadcasted from a top secret location by the high-ranking members of the V.U. Press Corp.!


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War Room Comments

5 Responses to Mission #27 – Objective: How a Player can get captured by the Game!

  1. Winne the Boo says:

    Wow! It’s about time! It’s good to hear there’s a show out here that’s telling the whole truth about male/female relationships. It’s true that both sides can get so caught up in trying to outgame the other that we forget what we’re looking for in the first place.

  2. Camron360 says:

    Thank You! This is what I’ve been trying trying to say all along. There’s too many wannabe players out here giving real player a bad name. Hey V.U….I’m waiting for your rap album to drop. That rhyme you busted was UNEXPECTED. You FUNNY, my man…

  3. Thanks Winnie. I obviously agree.


    Sorry. No Rap Album will be dropping anytime soon. Somebody broke the news to me yesterday that I’ll need to have AT LEAST 3,522 rhymes, 500-plus guest stars, a “faked up” criminal record, and Kanye West to produce it——-just to get a record deal.

    So it’s safe to say that I’ll be sticking to my current Mission-at-hand until further notice…

  4. Babyface says:

    Real good game advice V.U. Thanks for kicking some knowledge to us brothas. Wear your armor soldiers. Strap up and prepare for what lies ahead in any future relationships.

    • Yeah Babyface, and they shouldn’t only just “strap up”—they should also “strap themselves in”, because entering into some relationships can wind up taking them on a rough ride.

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