Mission #3 – Objective: How Going TOO FAR to please a woman can be DANGEROUS!

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On this Mission:

What’s the difference between being a woman’s man as opposed to being her manservant?

The Captain Save-a-Bro’ Mission!

What do you do when you see a friend marching down the wrong Relationship Road? What kind of guy abandons all of his hopes and dreams in exchange for living ONLY to please his girlfriend or wife? What makes a man rather hang out with his woman on Girl’s Night than hang out with you and the rest of the fellas on Guys’ Night? How do you help a friend reconnect with who he was BEFORE he lost himself in an exclusive relationship or marriage?

The answers may surprise you.

Also: A very brief, special commentary on the Lifetime Channel that you definitely won’t hear ANYWHERE else!

Also on this Mission:

Why is it that some single women like to date married men?

You’re a single, available, attractive, intelligent, confident, humorous, well-adjusted man——-but guess what? There are a group of women out there who find you and “your type” completely Un-Dateable. “What the hell?” You probably said to yourself after you just read this. But rest assured, there’s a reason why you just don’t “do it” for these women.

And the reason is simple:

You are NOT a married man.

That’s right.

Sounds CRAZY doesn’t it?

But it’s happening every day. There’s a squad of single women who pass up good guys like you all the time. So listen up Troops! V.U. is going to brief you on the Top 4 Reasons why some women  “have a thing for guys with rings” so you can arm yourself with the Intel necessary to protect yourself!

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2 Responses to Mission #3 – Objective: How Going TOO FAR to please a woman can be DANGEROUS!

  1. X-Man Stan says:

    Damn Victory! Dude, I didn’t know that about LIFETIME. I always suspected that too, but I thought it was just me though…somebody oughtta “do a study” huh? Lol —– GOOD SHOW!

  2. @X-Man Stan


    But I’ll tell you what: The day they actually start handing out government grants to do a study on that is the day I decide to open up a special “Research and Development” wing of the Victory Unlimited Armed Services…

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