Mission #30 – Objective: How to Win the War against Worry!

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Are you prone to worry about things excessively? Is it possible that you may believe on a subconscious level that “worrying’ is a way for you to take mental responsibility for all the things that you have going on in your life? Well, understand that there’s no amount of worrying that can benefit you in any way. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

Left unchecked, uncontested, and unconquered, worry can actually rob you of:

  • Your Energy
  • Your Courage
  • Your Peace of Mind
  • And your very Life

Yes, unless you can learn how to effectively wage war against worry, it can negatively impact your health by making you mentally, physically, and emotionally ill. However, hope is not lost. Help is on the way. Today, by listening to this important episode of the Victory Unlimited Show, you will be armed with the powerful weapons that you need to help you win the war against worry! On today’s show, you will be briefed on…

How to Win the War against Worry!

How do you deal with the sudden hits that you take in life? What do you when you live in the constant threat of losing your job, losing your spouse, or losing your way of life do to economic uncertainty?

  • What is Worry?
  • How do you stop the cycle of Worry before it starts?
  • What are the 5 most effective Weapons to use to defeat Worry?
  • Why is it NECESSARY that you attack Worry physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in order to defeat it once and for all?

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War Room Comments

6 Responses to Mission #30 – Objective: How to Win the War against Worry!

  1. E-Man says:

    Great show you have here. Really feeling the concept and can’t wait to get paid so that i can order your “Battle Plan”, but in the meantime i’m stuck with the task of trying to ration the remaining shows to get me through the rest of the week…that’s not easy!! Thanx for sharing and oh, i discovered you guys from the rave review giving of your show over at: http://marcopanache.com/

  2. Thanks for the kind words,E-Man. Glad you like the show, and I hope you continue to get something useful from it. More shows are coming. Fighting this “One Man War” ain’t easy or quick——–but you better believe it’s always ONGOING…!



  3. Audrey says:

    This really wowed..

  4. Smithie says:

    Dude…You just teached and preached this BETTER than most Pastors! Very unexpected, but somehow not surprising from you, V.U. Keep dropping these Knowledge Bombs, bro’.

  5. Kay says:

    Thank you bro, are you sure that your not a pastor? This is not what I expected to hear but I really needed to hear this message today. Happy easter

    • Much respect to you Kay. Outside of entertaining myself, the main reason I do this show is to help people—so I’m glad you were able to get some REAL value from it. And “no”, I’m not a pastor—but I do “play” a theologian on the Internet—much like I play “Soldier”. Happy Resurrection Day to you!

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