Mission #32 – Objective: Help! My Girlfriend is in love with a Bad Boy-Thug-Criminal!

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On this Mission

A Special, Enemy Propaganda Alert Episode:

The Myth of the Mutual Breakup!

  • Is there really such thing as a mutual breakup?
  • What are the 2 main reasons why people claim to have mutually decided to end a relationship?
  • What is Relationship “Free Fall”?

The Myth of the Mixed Signals!

  • What is the clear message behind the mixed messages that women send you?
  • What does “I don’t want to rush things” really mean?
  • What does “I need space” really mean?
  • What does “I need some time to figure out where our relationship is headed” really mean?
  • What makes “Babe-Linguistics” so difficult for men to understand???

Help! My Girlfriend is in love with a Bad Boy-Thug-Criminal!

  • How does age, maturity level, and spirituality factor into what kind of man women are attracted to?
  • Why is “Mission #14 – Objective: Do you have to be a BAD BOY to get BAD GIRLS?” required listening for all men who want to better their lives?
  • What is “Thug-Addiction”?
  • What can watching an old episode of the TV show “COPS” tell you about the typical future of thug-addicted relationships?
  • What do you know about CHAOS & ORDER? Are you ready for a brand new revelation that explains why women go for bad boy-thug-criminals that you have NEVER heard before?
  • All this, plus a brand new, Victory Unlimited, “True Life War Story”!


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War Room Comments

6 Responses to Mission #32 – Objective: Help! My Girlfriend is in love with a Bad Boy-Thug-Criminal!

  1. Michael C. says:

    Hah! “She’s attracted to guys on their way to PRISON, not PRINCETON!” That cracked me up, V.U.

    Hey, I enjoy those Victory Unlimited True Life War Stories. You ought to do more of them. You came out blastin’ with both barrels on this one. Keep’em coming.

  2. Yeah, thanks Michael C. Yeah, this “Captain Save-A-Bro'” mission never ends. It just keeps going and going and…

  3. Mr. Georgio says:

    Another good show, my man. But you know what? I think a lot of WOMEN really need to hear your show, and especially this one right here. Unlike a lot of shows and websites that are aimed at helping out us guys, your site is the only one I’ve found so far that tells it like it is without the hate. Not many guys out here know how to be pro-male without being anti-female.

    Plus, the V.U. show has celebrity guest stars, kick-ass skits, and NOW…a babe-linguistic translator! lol Keep dropping them bombs, Commander in Chief.

  4. Mr. Georgio, you forgot one other thing that we got that other shows don’t have:

    We got bigger and better WEAPONS!

    …of “wisdom”, that is.

  5. Mike says:

    VU…my man! This one was going, going, going…GONE! OUTSTANDING! And the COPS example…oh, was PRICELESS. Of course, how many women will admit that this is true? Mike…one of ‘The Allies’ on the funky electronic frontier!

  6. Thanks Mike!

    As you can see, I had to give you your “props” for all the Knowledge Bombs that you drop on a regular basis in your MIKE RAMEY COMMENTARIES, bro’. Each one should be REQUIRED reading for every man who wants to reinforce his backbone with titanium steel.

    Here’s a link, troops. But you better put your big boy shoes on and brace yourself FIRST:


    Looking forward to our next Allies show…

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