Mission #34 – Objective: What is…The Boyfriend Tax?

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On this Mission

The Victory Unlimited Show Newsbreak

  • Back by popular demand, we have another newsbreak from the V.U. Show Headquarters.
  • Get the latest updates on what the Victory Unlimited Armed Services’ mission to help good men in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia.
  • Listen in as one of our Sisters in Arms gives men their “marching orders” right before the show starts! 

The “Fake” Good Girl Scenario

  • What is the Fake Good Girl Scenario?
  • Do people ever really change? Or are they just running “Game”?
  • How can you tell a fake good girl from a real one?
  • What can you do to protect yourself from getting caught up in the Fake Good Girl Scenario?
  • How does a woman’s past relationships effect how she approaches her future relationships?
  • How does Nicki Minaj, Michelle Obama, and Facebook videos all relate to the Fake Good Girl Scenario?
  • Can a bad girl EVER really change her ways?

What is…The Boyfriend Tax?

  • Should you pay a “tax” for being a girl’s boyfriend?
  • What’s all included in a “Boyfriend Tax”?
  • What can the I.R.S. teach you about how to keep a G.I.R.L.?
  • What’s the WORST thing that can happen to guys who don’t pay their Boyfriend Taxes?
  • How do you know when you’re paying too much in taxes as opposed to not enough?
  • What can listening to the speeches of Republican and Democratic Presidents teach you about taxation—-as it pertains to relationships?
  • Find out all this and MORE, on today’s show!

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  1. Roger MVP says:

    “Throw your LEGS in the air and wav’em like you just don’t care!” That was funny as hell, V.U.

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