Mission #38 – Objective: Why Women Act Like They Like You When They Really Don’t!

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On this Mission

Why Do Women Act Like They Like You When They Really Don’t?

  • What are the three main reasons that women act like they like you when they really don’t?
  • Is there ever a justifiable reason for women to fake interest in a man?
  • What can the Consistency Equation (Words + Actions = Behavior) teach you about how to identify women with true interest as opposed to false interest?
  • How can you protect yourself from wasting too much time with women who are really not interested in you?

What’s more important? What you say or how you say it?

  • Is there really a right or wrong way to ask a woman out?
  • How do you put a stop to women texting you “For Entertainment Purposes Only”?
  • Why is it always better to be bold when you ask a woman out instead of being timid?
  • What does it mean when a woman will not go out with you unless she happens to like your date idea?

What Makes a Woman Throw an Innocent Man into Email Jail?

  • What does it mean when a woman chooses to communicate with you through email instead of in-person or over the phone?
  • What are the three main reasons why a woman goes “no contact” on you after what YOU thought was a great date? 
  • Why is the method of male/female communication equally as important as the message itself?

Newsflash: Woman Cancels Date on account of…RAIN?

  • What does it mean when a woman cancels out on you hours before your date?
  • How can running a “Celebrity Comparison Check” help you get an accurate gauge on just how “into you” a woman really is?

Why is “No” one of the Most Powerful Words that a Man can ever use?

  • How can using the word “No” help a good man establish appropriate boundaries in his life?
  • What are the top 5 dating and relationship scenarios that a man should ALWAYS say “No” to?

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