Mission #39 – Objective: How to Dismantle an Iron Man!

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On this Mission

The Victory Unlimited Show Newsbreak

  • Back by popular demand, we have another newsbreak from the V.U. Show Headquarters.
  • Get the latest updates from the control center about the Victory Unlimited Armed Services’ mission to help good men all over the world “Man Up”!
  • Listen in as the Communication Commander (one of our Sisters in Arms) rallies the V.U. army with a rousing wartime speech—moments before the broadcast begins!


What is…The Preemptive Rejection Strike?

  • How can making a Preemptive Rejection Strike cause you to be a lot more successful when you making a date with attractive women?
  • How can you outflank a flaky woman who is about to reject you—by rejecting her first?
  • What are the Two Motivating factors that dictate how all women act towards you?
  • When you ask a woman out, and she responds by saying “We’ll see.”, what does she really mean?
  • Special Delivery for guys who are “too nice” for their own good: Have you ever ordered a big box of Benefit of the Doubt Cards?
  • What is dating and relationship “closure”? And how can you get it for yourself—when no one else will give it to you?


How to Dismantle an Iron Man!

  • What can watching the Iron Man movies teach you about how to attract and keep women in your life?
  • What do rich guys do wrong that make them easy targets for women who are only after their money?
  • What is the Trick and Tramp Transaction? Have you ever made one?
  • Propaganda Alert: Is it true that you should spend a lot of money just to get women to go out with you?
  • What can Bill Gates and The Rock teach you about being a man?
  • Why is it critical for Perpetually Beta men to stop believing in the Alpha Male Myth”?
  • What are Gold Diggers, Stuff Diggers, and Soul Diggers? And why are these 3 Kinds of women so attracted to men of means?
  • How can you tell if a woman wants you or if she just wants your money?
  • What can you do to expose the real reasons why women are attracted to you?
  • What strategy should men with money use to turn OFF the wrong women and to turn ON the right women?

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Avengers Disassembled – What can the Avengers movie teach comic book lovers about how to attract women?

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