Mission #41 – Objective: The Attraction Alarm: Twelve Signals that show you that a Woman wants you!

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On this Mission

His girl dumped him…by Mistake?

  • Is there really such a thing as a guy getting dumped—my mistake?
  • How do women usually end long-term relationships? Do they give it a lot of thought—or do they just make a snap decision?
  • What makes a woman love you one day and leave you the next?
  • What is the BBD? And what makes it a constant threat to your relationship?
  • When your woman has NO FEAR of losing you—is that a good thing?
  • What do women really think about men that they can breakup and makeup with whenever they want to?
  • What is the most important thing that every man should hold onto at the end of any relationship?

Enemy at the Gates!

  • What do you believe the most? What other people think about you—or what you think about yourself?
  • Are you your own worst enemy?
  • Is there really such a thing as a woman being “Out of your League?”
  • What is…the Victory Virus?
  • Why is keeping a close watch over what you see, what you hear, and what you say so important to your future success with women—and in life?
  • What is it that makes men talk themselves out of being successful with women?
  • Motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins once wrote a book that showed you how to “Awaken the Giant Within”, but today—are you ready for VU to show you how to “Silence the Sucker Within”?
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The Attraction Alarm: 12 Signals that show you that a woman wants you!

  • How can you tell if a woman wants you approach her, talk to her, or ask her out?
  • How do you detect when a woman is giving you good signals, mixed signals, or bad signals?
  • Why are some women more subtle about showing you that they’re interested in you than others?
  • What can Criminology and Mathematics teach you about women?
  • Should you always look for a sign before you approach a woman?
  • When you’re with a woman and you suddenly hear the sound of the Attraction Alarm go off—what should do?
  • Find out all this and MORE—on today’s Victory Unlimited Show!

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  1. VladPatton says:

    This was a good one, especially the baker’s dozen list.

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