Mission #44 – Objective: How to Attract and Date Younger Women!

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On this Mission

The Top 20 Strategies to Attract and Date Younger Women!

  • Are younger women attracted to older men?
  • What are the qualities that younger women look for in older men?
  • Do you have to use your money to attract younger women?
  • How can you successfully compete with younger guys for younger women?
  • What should you say when a younger woman asks “How old are you?”
  • What are the 4 best ways to meet younger women?
  • What turns women on about older men?
  • How should you react when your friends, family, or coworkers try to talk you out of dating younger women?
  • Should you tell a woman your real age from the very beginning—or should you wait?
  • How do you tell a younger woman about your accomplishments WITHOUT bragging?
  • How do you get the younger woman you’re dating to choose you DESPITE her friends’ objections to your relationship?
  • Why is it important that you take a strong leadership role with ANY younger woman that you’re dating?
  • What does it mean to invite a younger woman into “your world”?
  • What are your chances of having a successful long-term relationship with a younger woman?
  • Find out all this and more on today’s show!


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War Room Comments

6 Responses to Mission #44 – Objective: How to Attract and Date Younger Women!

  1. Steve C says:

    I knew the last time we talked at lunch you would duo a show on younger women.
    Good job!

    Steve C.

    • Yo Steve C.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bro. Yeah, some of my best missions (shows) come from whatever the hottest topic is at the time. And as you know: Hollerin’ at these young chicks is ALWAYS on guys’ minds these days. Glad you liked the show, soldier!

  2. PuertoRican_Lover & Last Man Standing says:

    Wasssup VU, this PR_L / LMS from SoSuave’s past – I see that you are still honoring hors at the expense of dishonoring and betraying your self! Yes, the man is his worst enemy – we defeat ourselves – if you want unlimited victories, you then must reject your lusts!! For we are our own worse enemy!!! TRUTH!

    • What’s up Last Man Standing! Glad to see you’re still on the side of TRUTH, bro. There’s a lot of Missions (shows) on here that you might find either amusing, alarming, or interesting. It all depends on the and/or interesting. Thanks for stopping by, oh legendary one. PEACE.

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks for another great podcast Victory. I’m now in my 40’s but always looked young for my age. In my 20’s, I was always snubbed by women for “looking young” even though I out earned 90% of my peers. Now, women my own age are very interested, but I feel no guilt about seeking out much younger women. Karma’s a bitch I guess! Any way, keep up the good work and keep posting your podcasts.

    • Thanks Josh. Yeah, all the young looking guys tend to get their rewards from women for looking young the “older” they get. I like to call it “The Revenge of the Baby Faces!”. Thanks for commenting, bro’.

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