Mission #8 – Objective: How to make a MAJOR move on a Bomb Level Babe!

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On this Mission:

Top Secret Intel revealed on how to advance on the most popular, attractive women!

Fred G. writes into headquarters with something very serious on his mind:

“How the heck do you approach a popular, attractive woman who gets hit on all the time?”

A BIG question that deserves an even BIGGER answer…and Victory Unlimited DELIVERS! Never before Intel that comes straight from the Victory Unlimited Battle Plan itself!

Victory Unlimited drops knowledge on:

  • Why most guys approach attractive women the WRONG way
  • What you should talk about when you make a move on an attractive woman
  • Why some guys never know when a woman is checking them out
  • What kind of attitude nice guys and shy guys need to have at ALL times when they’re talking to Bomb Level Babes
  • Why sometimes it’s better to ask a girl out on the spot——rather than just ask her for her cell phone number
  • The different strategies you can use to get to know the attractive women that you see on a routine basis
  • Why fantasizing and agonizing over a woman is worse than the risk of facing rejection
  • The best way to change the way you look at rejection FOREVER
  • Why you should ALWAYS go after the kind of women you really want—–no matter HOW “attractive or unattractive” you may think you are
  • And much, much MORE!

That’s right, Troops!

Get ready for another thoroughly informative show brought to you by all the good men and women who regularly support the Victory Unlimited Show.


Sponsored by The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan

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