The Battle of the Sexes—Declassified!

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A Free Gift to you:

The Victory Unlimited Rapid Fire Q&A: The Battle of the Sexes—Declassified!


I just wanted to take a moment to “Thank You” for the support that you have given me over the years, months, and days since the Victory Unlimited Show began. So as a way to show my appreciation, I am giving you all a free copy of The Victory Unlimited Rapid Fire Q & A!

This eBook is packed with a lot of firepower!
In The Victory Unlimited Rapid Fire Q&A, you will find the answers to many questions such as:

  • Who is Victory Unlimited?
  • What is the Victory Unlimited Battle Plan?
  • What’s the purpose of the Victory Unlimited Show?
  • What keeps stopping men and women from coming together?
  • What are man/woman agendas?
  • Why do so many men REFUSE to learn from other men’s mistakes?
  • What do continuing education and the V.U. Battle Plan have in common?
  • What are the 4 reasons why men are UNSUCCESSFUL with women?
  • What is a Relationship Extinction Level Event? Have you ever experienced one?
  • What are the 5 stages of Relationship Grief? And which of these stages can you use as a catalyst to change your life for the better forever?
  • What’s the difference between a Civilian and a Soldier as it relates to self-development and developing great relationships?
  • How do you know when you’ve internalized everything you’ve learned about women, dating, and relationships?
  • What are the main ingredients that Bad Boys have that Good Guys need to cultivate?
  • How do you know when you’ve met a Bomb Level Babe?
  • What is the best way for a man to maintain his emotional equilibrium with a woman that he’s attracted to?
  • What is the underlying reason why women tend to go for Jerks, Thugs, and Bad Boys over Nice Guys?
  • Why is Dating sometimes more like War than Love?
  • What are the reasons why men mistakenly underestimate the POWER of a Woman?
  • What turns some men into Stalkers?
  • Why is “Losing” necessary for some men to develop a desire for “Winning”?
  • Is the deadliest enemy to your success in life—staring at you in the mirror?
  • What are the 3 Major factors that influence how romantically involved a woman will want to be with you?
  • What are the 4 main reasons why some men find it harder to let go of relationships than women do?
  • How do you effectively wield strategic SILENCE as a powerful weapon to win explosively attractive women?
  • And much, much MORE!

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Thanks for being my “Brothers and Sisters in Arms!”

~Victory Unlimited

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