The Walking Dead: Why You Have to Stop Letting Your Life Pass You By!

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Are you already dead, but you just don’t know it because nobody ever took the time to tell you? Well that’s what I’m here to do right now:

You are…DEAD.

That’s right. This is true especially if…

You’ve settled for having a unfulfilling, parasitic, or just plain “Bad” relationship…and you NEVER do anything to escape it.

You’ve allowed yourself to be permanently trapped in a terrible, toxic marriage…and you NEVER do anything to change it.

You’ve signed on to be the perpetual, financial and/or emotional Savior for selfish, ungrateful family members…and you NEVER do anything to stop it.

You’re working hard on a job at a company that pays you less than what you’re worth while offering you no hope for advancement…and you NEVER look for better employment opportunities somewhere else.

You’re working at a job you hate that constantly marginalizes your value by threatening to lay you off…and you NEVER do anything to try to generate alternative income for yourself.

And so on…and so on…ad infinitum.

If you’re in any situation that requires for you to take action and you choose NOT to, then recognize that in a sense, you’re already dead—–they just haven’t had your funeral. And the two biggest reasons why you probably haven’t realized this yet is because:

1. You’re such an animated corpse, you think you’re still alive.

2. You’re so mentally, emotionally, and spiritually numb that you haven’t had the presence of mind to turn around and see those two undertakers chasing you with shovels!

Okay, I admit that reason “number two” was a joke, but reason number one was deadly serious—–so let’s address this.

Are you an Animated Corpse?

Generally, we know that one sign that something is dead is because it has stopped moving. Why? That’s because one of the specific indicators that something is alive is that it has movement. However, in the scenarios that were just described, movements alone are only indicators of superficial activity, not substantive accomplishment. If you’re going through the motions in a dead-end scenario, then know that your movements are akin to involuntary activities——-much like post mortem death twitches. Many people who are soldiers, first responders, and those in the health care field have had the morbidly macabre experience of seeing people’s bodies move——–even after their death has been declared.

Biology reveals to us that involuntary muscle movements cause this phenomenon. These spasms are the result of the human body still responding to the last command that was delivered to it by way of the nervous system. Therefore, this activity is not a true sign of life. So likewise…just because you might be doing what people tell you to do, what society tells you to do, or even what you believe that you HAVE to do—-that doesn’t make you truly alive.

What was the last Conscious Command that you gave yourself? Do you even remember?

Did you command all that is within you to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission of making the hopes and dreams that are nearest and dearest to you a reality?

Or, was the last command that you gave yourself to just continue to do “only” what you’re told, because life is hopeless and nothing ever works out for you in the end anyway?

Regardless of how you answer, this is why at different points throughout your day you should be asking yourself: 

What are the words that are coming out of my mouth?

When I speak, is that my voice I hear or is it just an articulate death rattle?

When you move about your day, sometimes you should ask yourself:

Am I a human “being” or just a human “doing”?

When I’m spending time with particular people, do I feel more alive in their presence or do I feel like the Walking Dead?

However, what if you aren’t dead? What if you’re just sleeping? Sometimes, the results are still the same. What happens to you when you don’t live your own life and you keep letting it pass you by? The answer is that you will most likely be just another pawn to be used, abused, and sacrificed on the altar of your relationship, your job, and society in general.

Relationship Martyr

If you’re not careful, your friends, family, and “significant other” will ask too much of you, and you’ll know when it’s too much when you start to feel like it’s much more than you want to bear. Of course, it rarely starts off this way, but over time, if you never put into practice the skill of when to strategically interject the word “No” into your vocabulary, you will one day regret it. For you, is that day of regret “today”? Have you just simply resigned yourself to your fate as being the one who always sacrifices your own best interest for all the other people that you genuinely care about? Then, understand that you’re no longer living your own life. Instead, you’re now mostly at the mercy of other people’s whims and wishes. Your life ended when you chose to martyr yourself for them.

Workplace Prisoner

Are you terribly unhappy at work? Are you answering to people who are less qualified than you, or who have absolutely no clue what it takes to do your job——but yet they have the power to negatively evaluate you? Everyday, when you clock in do you feel like your self-respect is clocking out? Well, welcome to the challenges of living and working in the current corporate environment. Many people can relate to you because they share your experience. Many feel like worker bees, drones, or worse yet——like the Walking Dead, and depending on where you work, that might be exactly how they want you to feel.

You see, they want you “dead” because to the big corporate machine you’re worth more to them dead than you are alive. When I say “dead”, of course I don’t mean this in the literal sense, but rather dead in the “Free Will” area of your being——-like an automaton. When someone or something outside of you can crush your dreams, stifle your independent spirit, or put out the fire of your personal passion, then they can control you. 

Think of it this way:

When the spirit leaves the body, when your awareness of your intrinsic value as a person eaves your consciousness, then all you become is an empty shell that can then be infused and indoctrinated with the will of the collective. Depending upon where you work, some of those in positions higher than you actually prefer to think of you as a mechanical person rather than a true personality. When they’re able to think of you as more machine than man, then their next step is to systematically pull, poke, and prod you in the direction that they want you to go——to PROGRAM you like a robot——a “little” machine that the big machine can program to do whatever they need to be done with no questions asked.

To some in Corporate America, recognize that you’re not just another little machine, you’re simultaneously a cog in the bigger machine—-a piece that they can AND WILL replace without a moment’s hesitation or remorse. No matter how important they tell you that you are today, tomorrow they could throw you away and replace you with whatever they think might be a better “cog”. This is why when it comes time to make big decisions like these; you never get an invitation to have a seat at the table because:

Though you, as an employee are definitely thought of as “collectively” indispensable, ironically, you are also unfortunately considered to be very much “individually” expendable.

Surely, every company and every economy is different, and not all work environments are quite this oppressive. However, if this scenario describes your on-the-job experience, and you’re doing nothing to protect yourself or look out for your own best interest, in a sense——-you’re as good as dead. That is, unless you snap back to life by becoming initially self-aware and subsequently environmentally aware. If you’re fortunate enough to experience a resurrection like this, it can make you dangerous. But the real question is…dangerous to whom?

Society Slave

The Rise of the Machines is not science fiction. It’s not about technology, but it “is” about robots and androids. And sometimes…society considers YOU to be just another robot or android. To dare to change the paradigm, to go against the societal morays, and to think outside the box really can be quite dangerous—–both to you and to society at large.

Let’s face it. We live in a world where many believe that there’s a place for everything and everything must stay in it’s predetermined place. If the cultural norm is for you to keep staying in bad relationships, keep letting yourself be used and abused by your selfish, immediate family, or to keep “takin’ what they’re givin” because you’re working for a living, then it can be hard to go against the grain. Hard, “Yes”, but impossible, “No”. However, the choice is always yours.

What’s more dangerous to you? Is it more risky to live a life where you gather the information, make the wisest decisions you can, then step out on faith in pursuit of your own best interest? Or, is it more risky to continue to live a life full of quiet desperation in so many areas that it feels like you’re not really living much at all? Would you rather stay in the ranks of those WALKING to their deaths or rise up to join the growing number of people who are RUNNING towards their lives?  Indeed, this is a very personal choice for you to make, to be sure. However, know that your future and your enjoyment of it hang in the balance of the decision that you make.

As long as contributing to someone else’s dreams is also a part of your dream, or at least somehow beneficial to you in the process of realizing your own dreams, then that’s quite acceptable. On the other hand, if this is not your current situation, in order to revive yourself and then to keep yourself alive, you have to find a way to escape someone else’s dream whenever it’s become your nightmare.

How to make today your Resurrection Day

If you want a way to energize yourself at the start of each day that you’re blessed to see, then do this: 

Place your hand over the left side of your chest like you’re getting ready to say the Pledge of Allegiance and keep it there. DO NOT remove it until I tell you. At this moment, it’s not a flag that you’re pledging allegiance to——–you’re pledging allegiance to YOURSELF.

This is a way for you to declare WAR on all the mental, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual forces that have had you under attack for probably longer than you can remember. Now, read the following commands OUT LOUD with strong emotion as you visualize them in your mind:

“I declare that RIGHT NOW, I can see, feel, and experience myself ALREADY in the best relationship, in the most prosperous career, and the best life that I can imagine!

I declare that RIGHT NOW, I always consciously and unconsciously DO something everyday that causes everything that I have just imagined to become my everyday reality!

I declare that RIGHT NOW, I always speak and act like the things that I want are already mine—–until they actually ARE!

I declare that RIGHT NOW, every time I do this, it gets easier and easier to BELIEVE and ACHIEVE everything that I’m speaking out loud—–RIGHT NOW!”

Now…if you’ve just issued the commands that I’ve just given you above, and your hand is STILL over the left side of your chest, you should be feeling something inside of it right now. That’s your HEART. It’s still beating, and it’s probably beating a little stronger than it was before. Guess what? That’s a sign of life. That’s a sign that you still have time to take this day and make it your own.


Seize the Day!



~Victory Unlimited © 2012

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