War Room Sessions: DECLASSIFIED – The Year’s Top Stories!

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The 2012 Debriefing Session: DECLASSIFIED!

From time to time, Victory Unlimited takes part in panel discussions with a distinguished group of individuals. These individuals, these “Allies”, are people who are also committed to the same mission as this website:

To help men to become better men today than they were yesterday.

These War Room Sessions are part of the ongoing mission to make a positive difference in the lives of ALL good men in general——-with a strong focus on impacting Black Men in particular. Though the delivery may sometimes be rough, the subject matter may sometimes be varied, and the words spoken may be controversial, the mission is ALWAYS the same:

Again, to help men to become better men today than they were yesterday.

On today’s War Room Session, Victory Unlimited (The Soldier for Higher Thinking) joins Dr. Vibe (The Prime Minister of Pertinent Information) and a group of other men to launch an all-out attack on the subject of  “What were the major stories of 2012, and what can we learn from them?” Though this session was recorded month’s ago, it has now finally been declassified for all the soldiers of the V.U. Armed Services to hear:

Topics covered:

  • Did the state of male/female relationships improve last year—or did it get worse?
  • Why was last year called “The Year of the Un-Marrying Woman”?
  • Were men REALLY afraid of commitment?
  • Did drugs kill Whitney Houston or did she die from getting run over by the Music Industry Machine?
  • Chris Brown and Rhianna back together again: WTF???
  • A David versus Goliath Story: One man’s fight against the corporate giant “UPS”.
    What does the re-election of Barack Obama mean for the future of the United States?
  • Why Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Bob Johnson and many other wealthy African Americans have been a DISAPPOINTMENT to many Black people. 
  • Bill Cosby and the “power move” that failed.
  • What is the solution to gun violence—-less guns or MORE guns?
  • What’s the biggest gun violence tragedy—Chicago or Sandy Hook?
  • Did Black people’s lives improve, get worse, or remain unchanged?
  • From “The Help” to “Django Unchained”—What’s the state of Black actors in Hollywood?
  • What should your “Marching Orders’ be for the remainder of this year?
  • To find out about all this and MORE—click the “Listen Now” image below:


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  1. The General says:

    Don’t forget the ‘death’ of Black stereotypes. THAT was a big story in the last year.

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