Mission #53 – Objective: The Rise of the Thugs, THOTs, and Thirsty Dudes!

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On this Mission

Mission #53 – Objective: The Rise of the Thugs, THOTs, and Thirsty Dudes!

Questions from the Front Lines!

  • What is the best way to approach women—and to “be” approached by women?
  • What are the 4 weapons you need always have in your conversational, Attraction Arsenal?
  • When a woman tells you that you’re “Too Nice” for her—what does she REALLY mean?
  • When a woman tells you that she likes men that will “Put her in her place”—what does she REALLY mean?  
  • Is Bad-Boy Addiction a real disease that some women have?
  • What do thugs, thrills, viral videos, and police crime scenes all have in common? 
  • Why do men keep making the wrong life decisions and keep chasing after the wrong women?
  • Propaganda Alert: Why is believing in the Myth of Online Dating DANGEROUS to men?
  • What is the process of establishing a true Romantic Connection with a woman?
  • Should there be a definitive Standard of Beauty that all men should look for in a woman?

What is the Old Relationship Rescue Mission!

  • Is it EVER a good idea for you to try to get back with an old Girlfriend?
  • What are the 3 Scenarios that every man should consider before he decides to get back with a girl from his past?
  • What are the two exceptions to the “Never Go Back” rule when it comes to reconnecting with a girl from your past?
  • What is the biggest benefit of going after new women versus women you’ve known from “Back in the Day”?

Do Women REALLY care about what a Man looks like?

  • Who is MORE shallow—Men or Women?
  • Is it really true that Men are more into “Looks” than Women are?
  • What can Social Media posts, Wannabe Male-Models, and Club Owners teach you about what women are attracted to?

How Can having TOO MANY conditions ruin your Romantic Relationship?

  • How do men and women’s differing definitions of Love wind up causing them problems in their long-term relationships?
  • Why does selfishly increasing the amount of rules, regulations, and conditions in relationships lead to less love?
  • What is the main reason why some long-term relationships succeed and others fail?

When Worlds Collide: THOTs and Thirsty Dudes!

  • What is the definition of THOT?
  • What is the definition of a Thirsty Dude?
  • How has Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of Social Media contributed to the Rise of THOTs and Thirsty Dudes?
  • What are the characteristics of a THOT? You’ll know that she’s a THOT if….
  • What are the characteristics of a Thirsty Dude? You’ll know that you’re a Thirsty Dude if…
  • Why will the growing popularity of Slut Walks eventually lead to the first “Thirst Walk”?
  • What makes THOTs and Thirsty Dudes so perfect for each other?
  • What is the Circle of Lust?


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