Mission #42 – Objective: Are you her Male Girlfriend?

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On this Mission

What is…The Proximity Trap?

  • Is it ever a good idea for guys to start relationships with women just because it’s “convenient”?
  • How does Boo Season and Holiday Handcuffing set men up to fall into the Proximity Trap?
  • What are the 4 primary reasons why men get with women that they know—but whom they’re not really attracted to?
  • Have you ever heard of the mathematical formula P + P = O mean? And how can you use that equation to increase your success in dating—and in life?
  • How can learning to set Proximity Traps on other people work in your favor?
  • What does the Proximity Trap and the old TV show “Prison Break” have in common?


The Male Girlfriend: The ONLY thing worse than being put in the Friend Zone!

  • How does 2 years of being Friend Zoned transform a man into a woman’s Male Girlfriend?
  • Can women be “just friends” for long periods of time with a man that they’re really attracted to?
  • Can you disguise yourself as a woman’s friend at first—and then sneak up on her and seduce her later on?
  • What are the top 10 signs that a woman you’re attracted to has just turned you into her Male Girlfriend?
  • What should you do to make sure that women always see you as a potential lover—and never as “just a friend”?


Who has the biggest Ego problem—Men or Women?

  • Why are ego clashes between men and women ruining so many potentially good relationships today?
  • What are the main causes of Ego Inflation?
  • What role does Mainstream Media play a role in how today’s Western women view men?
  • Are men and women really at war with each other? Or are we all really at war with—something else?
  • Why is having a Specific Relationship Agenda so important for men?
  • What are 3 strategies you can use to find a woman that’s right for you?
  • Find out all this and MORE—on today’s show!

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