Mission #48 – Objective: Sex as a Weapon!

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On this Mission 

How Friends With Benefits Relationships can Backfire on You

  • What are the Rules of for maintaining Sex Buddy, Friends With Benefits, or F-Buddy relationships?
  • Who gets more attached after having sex—Men or Women?
  • What is the Serial Sex Scenario?
  • What is “Emotionally Unavailability?” And how can emotional desensitization backfire on you in the future?
  • What does “Catching Feelings” really mean?
  • What are the 3 reasons why a woman would have sex with you—but not become emotionally attached to you?
  • How can you tell if you’re a FWB Guy or a LTR Guy?

Should you Marry a Woman Who’s had Threesomes?

  • Can a 3-Some Chick be a good woman for you?
  • What is the Internal Alarm System?
  • What are 3 tactics you can implement to increase your chances of making good decisions in life?
  • Why is it so dangerous to make important life decisions while you’re in a highly emotional state?

 How can Sex be used as a Weapon?

  • Does a man control his sex drive—or does his sex drive control him?
  • Can a man ever have “too much” sex?
  • What is Nookie Napalm? And how can you tell when you’ve been hit by it?
  • What is a Dildo Commando? And if a woman calls you this—is it a good thing?
  • What looking through a Periscope teach you about how NOT to view women?
  • Find out all this and MORE on today’s show!


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