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Standby for a special message from Victory Unlimited:


“If you have found yourself at this web page, you have NOT come here by accident. You have come hear because you HEARD the call.

What CALL?

The call to be a better man TODAY than you were yesterday.

Understand that very few men today have the ability to hear such a call as this——let alone have the intestinal fortitude, the will, or the GUTS to answer it.

You are obviously a man of distinction. By answering this call, you are PROVING that many are called but FEW are chosen.

You have been CHOSEN!

And as one of an ever-growing army of “chosen ones”, you’ve decided that the dissatisfactions and disappointments of remaining “average” is no longer good enough for YOU. You’ve decided that a meandering, half-assed approach to bettering your life and your relationships with women now must become a thing of your PAST——-and not a fixture in your Future!

At this point, you probably know by hard fought, and often, bitter experience that to fail to plan is to plan to fail.

Most men will never figure out this most simple of life’s truths:

The formula for achieving success with women and in life is the sum of opportunity plus preparation.

Attracting, Engaging, and Executing better relationships with women is NOT a game—–it’s a FIGHT!

But it’s not just a regular, everyday, run-of-the mill “fight”.

It’s a WAR.

Why is it this way?

It’s because so many men and women misunderstand each other.

It’s because so many men and women distrust each other.

It’s because so many men and women have shortsighted, stereotypical views of each other.

It’s because so many children have been raised by single parents who’ve either been unable or UNWILLING to provide them with a healthy, balanced example of positive gender relations.

It’s because so many children have been raised in two parent households where they’ve had disrespectful and dysfunctional romantic relationships routinely modeled in front of them—–both subtly and blatantly.

It’s because so many children have been SEPARATED from positive masculinity during the formative years of their lives. Sometimes this is due to their fathers’ irresponsibly and callously abandoning them, or it may be due to their fathers’ being barred from their lives as a result of the actions of vindictive women, or it could be due to their fathers’ inability to remain in their lives due to circumstances that were beyond their control.

But regardless of the reasons, little boys tend to be specifically negatively impacted by these scenarios. Little boys who experience childhood without good men consistently taking an active part in their lives rarely go from boys to MEN these days with a clear view of the basics of what it takes to be A MAN———especially the kind of man that women would do everything in their power to have as their very own.

The essential steps that need to be taken in order to become a romantically successful man is understanding who YOU are, understanding who women are, and understanding what you want out of life AND WOMEN———then devising A PLAN that will help you to accomplish both of these missions.

This is exactly what The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan is designed for.

This is WHY I wrote it.

*The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan comes personalized—–just for you*

What is the Victory Unlimited Battle Plan?

Understand that due to the amount of misinformation, selfishness, and fear that exists between men and women, there now also exists a deep chasm between us. And this is unfortunate because at our core, both men and women want many of the same things:

To be respected.

To be sexually desired.

To be appreciated.

TO BE LOVED——-without fear of our vulnerabilities being negatively exploited by the other person and then used against us.

But because of the opposing worldviews that men and women often have, there also exists a guarded and antagonistic quality that thrusts itself into dating and relationships that is VERY war-like. This is why in order to embrace the tenets found within The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan requires for you to look at the world in a whole new, and WHOLLY “better, and more beneficial” way.

In order to follow The Plan you must give up being a CIVILIAN (a man who is oblivious to how important it is for him to keep a firm grasp on his positive masculinity in order to maintain great dating and marriage relationships with women) and becoming a SOLDIER (a man who is FULLY aware of this).

To become a Soldier and follow The PLAN is not for cowards. It’s going to take GUTS to follow The PLAN. But for MANY MEN who already have——–their lives have been changed for the better…FOREVER.

To be the kind of man that I speak of, to be a “Soldier”, it will take a commitment from you to let go and leave behind MANY of the things you may have already been taught by popular culture, politically correct society, mass media, and sadly in some cases—–maybe even from some of those closest to you.

If you’re willing to do this, if you’re willing to put pride, ego, and rebellious attitude aside…

YOU can be trained how to WIN.

The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan is THE TRUTH about what it takes to defend the line of respect between yourself and EVERYBODY else in your life (especially women). At this point, you probably know by hard fought, and often, bitter experience that to fail to PLAN is to plan to FAIL.

The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan is designed to prepare you to take MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE of any and all opportunities you’ll have with women like nothing else on earth you’ve ever seen, heard, or read before. It is the most uniquely comprehensive and inspiring Intel on dating, relationships, and life strategies for men ever conceived.

The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan is an Electronic Document full of CLASSIFIED INTEL.

It is nearly 600 pages in length. It is an E-Cyclopedia of confidential, CLASSIFIED INTEL on everything you will ever need to know to WIN the war to Attract, Engage, and Execute better relationships with women by BECOMING a better MAN.

This Plan is designed to be READ by the use of ELECTRONIC devices like your Smartphone (via the PDF Reader App of your choice), your desktop computer or your laptop. Or, it can also be ACCESSED by other instruments that have the capability of downloading, opening, and viewing PDF files.

This Plan is NOT meant to be shared or spoken about IN DETAIL to any man or woman who is NOT in favor of creating and building BETTER romantic relationships for the benefit of BOTH SEXES——–instead of just one.


Special Note:

All copies of the Battle Plan are designed to come imprinted with the Buyer’s Name, Email Address, and Transaction ID Number.

It is designed to arm you with all the tools necessary to help you build yourself into the kind of man that OTHER MEN want to be——-and MANY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN want to be with.

*For Your Eyes Only*

What Intel is revealed within the Victory Unlimited Battle Plan?

You will gain extensive actionable Intel that gives you answers to the following questions:

  • What is the difference between the romantic weapons that women use to get the person they want as opposed to the ones that men use? What is Hard Power and what is Soft Power?
  • What is the mental block that most men have that prevents them from being successful at relating to the kind of women they want? Do you have an Inferiority Trigger?
  • What are POWs, Rebels, Sympathizers, and Citizens? What are Civilians? What kind of Civilian are you?
  • What is a Soldier? What are the distinctions between the ranks of Soldiers? What are New Recruits, Soldiers, Veterans, and Universal Soldiers of love??? What does it take to become one?
  • What is the Deprogram Program? What is the Reprogram Program?
  • What is Emote Control? What are the 5 ways that you can achieve it? What is the Chain Link Method? What is the Amnesty Act? What is EFT? What is the Mind Over Matter Method? What is the X-Her-Size Technique?
  • What is the Super Soldier Stratagem? How do you achieve Full Spectrum Dominance over your mind, your body, your spirit, and your money? How do you find your life’s mission? How do you build a better body? How do you achieve growth spiritually? How do you effectively use your money to better your life overall?
  • What are the 33 Victory Unlimited Dating Directives? What are the Dirty Dozen? How can these sets of guidelines aid, abet, and protect you while you’re dating women?
  • What does it mean to properly vet a woman for dating, for relationships, and for marriage?
  • What are the strategies you should use to have the BEST sex ever?
  • What are the signs that women give off when they’re romantically interested in you, and what are the signs they give off when they aren’t? What are Passion Flashes? Why are Passion Parasites the most dangerous kinds of women you’ll ever meet?
  • How many categories of women are there? How can you distinguish one from the other by how they look, how they act, and how they talk?
  • What is Passion Paralysis? How do you avoid getting emotionally stuck on the wrong woman? What are the signs that you are about to become paralyzed by passion? How do you recover from Passion Paralysis?
  • How do you date multiple women the honorable way? What are the Reserves? How do you go about enlisting women into your Reserves?
  • What is Technological Warfare? How do you use cell phones, instant messaging, text messaging, etc. to win with the women who are right for you?
  • What are the 2 primary methods of targeting women to meet and date? What are Romantic Recon Missions? How do you decide when and if the time comes when you should STOP “just dating” and enter into an exclusive relationship with a woman?
  • What is a Bomb Level Babe? What is the Dime Piece Deconstruction Mission, and what weapons do you use to accomplish this?
  • What is the Attractometer? What is the Automatic Initiative Response? What is the difference between Proactive Attraction and Reactive Attraction? What is “The Surge”, and when are the 4 best times that you can use it as a natural stimulant to go out and meet new women to date?
  • What are the top 48-plus places to meet women? What are Human Shields, and how do you use them to meet and start conversations with women? What are best strategies for advancing on attractive women in nightclubs, restaurants, and local events?
  • What are the specific strategies to use when dating younger women, older women, women of other races, or women of other faiths? What are the best strategies to use for Online Dating, Social Network Site Dating, Workplace Dating, School Dating, Speed Dating, Group Dating, and even Blind Dating? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • What does it mean when a woman doesn’t show up for your date, or cancels out on you at the last minute? What does it mean when a woman goes AWOL? How do you react to it? What do you do to prevent it from happening in the first place?
  • How do you maintain a happy, healthy exclusive relationship with a woman? What are the 8 Relationship Preservation Protocols?
  • What are the 7 Relationship Withdrawal Tactics that women use when they’re about to dump you? What are the 22 items listed on the Cheater Checklist?
  • What are the 8 Exit Strategies that you should use to break up with a woman that will minimize the mental, emotional, and financial damage to BOTH of you?
  • What are the 9 kinds of relationships, and which kind of relationship is best for which kind of woman?
  • How important is sex to women? How do you seduce a woman? What do you need to know about a woman’s body to sexually satisfy her? How do you make love to a woman rather than just have sex with her? How do you know when “no” means “NO” and when “no” means “maybe you should try a little harder”?
  • What is the Marriage Mission? How can you tell if you’re ready for marriage? What is the makeup of a woman who is Wife Material? What is the Marriage Checklist?
  • What is LOVE? What are the 4 kinds of love? What part do they play in an exclusive relationship or a happy marriage? What is the Husbandry Mission?

All these questions——-including a CONTROVERSIAL explanation as to why men and women have had so much trouble forming LOVING relationships since the beginning of time that you have probably NEVER HEARD BEFORE—–are just SOME of nearly 600 pages of never before revealed, in-depth, classified Intel on dating, relationships, and marriage that you will gain immediate access to via The Victory Unlimited Battle Plan!

Who is this CLASSIFIED INTEL for?

*This is for all the kind-hearted men who always get rejected by women and dismissed as undesirable “nice guys”.

*This is for all the men who were born to single mothers—-men who never had the benefit of having the guidance of a strong, positive, male role model in their lives.

*This is for the frustrated young men still in high school, who can never seem to get a date—-but want so desperately to change that.

*This is for all the divorced men who have lost their homes, their children, and everything they’ve worked for due to bitter divorce———–but still have the faith to believe that their lives can be better today than they were yesterday.

*This is for all the men who have good intentions but have failed repeatedly with the women of their dreams——-but are still willing to give themselves another chance to be successful with women.

*This is for the financially successful men who have worked hard and sacrificed so much to get where they are—–and want to protect their hearts, as well as their fortunes from falling into the hands of the wrong kinds of women.

*This is for your sons, whether they be biological or spiritual, who you want to see have better relationships with women in their lives than you may have had so far in your own.

*This is for the women who have found themselves in the position now where they’re single mothers struggling to raise boys to be men—-but still have enough faith left in the male gender to WANT to help their sons become, perhaps, BETTER men than the men who fathered them.


*This is for the women who have waited all their lives to meet strong, confident, attractive, and honorable men like the men who live their lives by the standards and practices that are put forth within the pages of The Plan.

Yes, THIS is why we fight.


So, NOW is the time for you to make a QUALITY decision…a decision to RETRAIN yourself into a SUPER SOLDIER of self appreciation, self respect, and SELF LOVE.

Now is the time to follow a PLAN that is especially designed to elevate your substance, your style, and your status. And as a result————your success rate in attracting the right women for you will dramatically INCREASE.

Your days of playing “games” and “getting lucky” with women are OVER.

It’s time you got GOOD at this.

Now is the time for you to take your life into your own hands and FIGHT to WIN the kind of women in your life that you REALLY want.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

The time has come for you to stop passively waiting on your future, and FINALLY realize that your FUTURE is waiting on———YOU!

Come and join us!”


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