War Room Sessions: Has Being a Man Gone Out of Style Today?

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Has being a MAN gone out of style today?

Recently, Victory Unlimited joined forces with an elite Band of Brothers (The Allies) to discuss the concept of Manhood in general, and Black Manhood in specific.

Today’s panel discussion is led once again by Dr. Vibe (The Prime Minister of Pertinent Information), a man who is on a mission to uplift positive, black masculinity. Also, on this mission with Dr. Vibe and Victory Unlimited (The Soldier for Higher Thinking), is the always outspoken Mike Ramey (The Circuit Rider of the Funky Electronic Frontier), Henri Morris (Artist and Celebrity Stylist Extraordinaire), and Style Gent (The Transformed Male)——all men who have a lot to say on the topic of whether or not being a Man has been reduced to just a passing thing—–like a trend or a fad.

During this War Room Session, in addition to “Has being a Man gone out of style today?”, the Allies will launch an all-out attack on the following subjects:

  • What’s the difference between being a MAN instead of a MALE?
  • How do older men relate to their younger counterparts today?
  • Why are there some young Black men who feel that they have no future?
  • With the cohesiveness of the Black family unit under attack, how do Black men reclaim their rightful place as the leaders of their families?
  • What role does faith and spirituality play in establishing a strong beachhead for lasting manhood?
  • What will happen when real men stand up and start “walking in their own light”?
  • What role has extreme feminism played in how society views positive masculinity?
  • What can good Black women do to better support the good Black men in their lives?
  • What does Mike Ramey advise women to start a “Just Say No to thugs” movement?
  • All this and much, much MORE!

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. But if you think you’re ready for it, just click the big, green button below and enjoy!

These recurring War Room Sessions are part of the ongoing mission to make a positive difference in the lives of good men everywhere——-with a strong focus on aiding Black Men in particular. Though the delivery may sometimes be rough, the subject matter may sometimes be varied, and the words spoken may be controversial, the mission is ALWAYS the same:

To help men to become better men today than they were yesterday.

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